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We are all about supporting the vulnerable Ugandan orphans & street children

Friends of The Nations – FoTN, Lira based community organization, was formed in April 2016 by members of Lira Central Division community. These community members approached a range of community workers, teachers, students and other concerned people to pursue support for the project’s aims. From these initial meetings FoTN was formed and incorporated as a community fared organization.

FoTN is governed by a volunteer management committee. The committee is made up of representatives from the various sub counties and divisions community, teachers and community workers and other interested people.

Friends of the Nations – FoTN demonstrates the love of Jesus Christ by giving hope to Ugandan orphans, street kids and other children affected by poverty and AIDS.

We do this through our three major programs; education, healthcare and empowerment (livelihood) to enable them a better future.

We aim majorly supporting the education, health and empowerment of disadvantaged children in Northern Uganda. Due to a devastating civil war that lasted for almost two decades leaving basic services in Northern Uganda harshly degraded, also leaving several street kids and orphans who, in addition to losing their parents, have little chance to get an education, acquire better health or even shelter themselves or their little siblings.

Lira Central Division elected representatives and local government officials have solicited the support of FoTN and its Chairperson Anthony Nata in building the Children’s home.

We are seeking public support for the project and donations to fund the building of the children’s home. The funds will be managed by FoTN. All financial reports will be available to donors and FoTN members.

FoTN Uganda believes in creation of a society with equal education rights for both able and unable children of Northern Uganda. We aim at helping the vulnerable Uganda orphans, street children of Northern Uganda, Widows and Uganda disabled children have a better life.

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We are passionate about supporting the unsupported Northern Ugadna orphans. We want to ensure they grow and become the useful persons they are supposed to be.

FotN’s Philosophy

The charitable support from the public empowers us to deliver educational, medical support and emotional care to orphaned students*. We endeavor to spread this kindhearted work all around the country, and to create a Uganda free from threats to human dignity.

FoTN’s Mission

Friends of The Nations - FoTN provide wide-ranging support and education to orphaned students so that may become compassionate citizens of the country who have the determination and ability to subsidize to the betterment of humankind.

Our Vision

Friends of The Nations envisions a world in which: • All orphaned young people have equal access to education. • All orphaned young people are provided with emotional support. • Orphaned young people come together and support each other, forming a bond that extends across borders.


Join our team and causing adorable impacts into the lives of these vulnerable Uganda orphans, street kids & widows


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Friends of The Nations team members.

Anthony Nata Programs Manager

Emmanuel Kica Talents

Boniface Amwonya Fields Officer

Jannan Otim Accounts Officer

Call Us +256 392 670765 or email info@fotnuganda.org

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To ensure proper service delivery, we have a couple of donors and funders who support us in what we do