Community Outreach in Uganda

Uganda community outreach

In our Community outreach in Uganda programs, Volunteers are directly engaged in a local communities are involve themselves in understanding and associate (if possible) help the local community members with life-changing advice.

During the engagement, volunteers can participate in making baskets while discussing household issues with amazing Ugandan women. They plant carrots, cabbages, and tomatoes in community gardens. They dig wells and make bricks. Volunteers can also help primary school students learn fractions. They assist badly over-worked health care professionals.

In other words, they are busy!
Community outreach volunteers speak with local residents about the issues that affect them daily.

Volunteers in the community outreach program join in on the work of their host organization.

Volunteer activities may include a combination of the following activities:

    • Women empowerment through small business development and handicraft making;
    • Work alongside women in their communal gardens;
    • Youth mentoring through art and sport;
    • Micro-finance administration;
Community Outreach in Uganda
Community outreach in Uganda
  • Primary school classroom teaching;
  • Supporting in medical clinics; and
  • Simple construction, and maintaining wells and other village infrastructure.

A community outreach placement is particularly appropriate for volunteers with great ideas and enthusiasm for grassroots development. This is a real opportunity for deep cultural exchange.

Volunteer in Uganda with Friends of The Nations and get directly involved in changing lives of these Uganda grassroots people.

Join our cause and let’s touch the lives of these vulnerable communities together!