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Out of the 170 Million orphans and abandoned kids who are experiencing great challenges finding shelter, what to eat. Many are not able to pay for their medical bills and education, yet these are the future of Uganda.
Friends of the nations is asking you to join hands and support in educating these children a first step to kicking poverty out of their lives.

Your faithful support/contribution will enable us in the following fields; food, education, medication, clothing, talent growth and external activities.


We are always in search for individuals, companies, organizations that believe in our work or share the same beliefs of life transformation by rendering the possible support of any kind such as scholastic material donations, clothing donations, sponsoring a Ugandan child, supporting a disabled child, visiting the vulnerable or participating in our volunteer program.

Donation of any amount and any kind is gladly welcome.

Donate today and help us bring lasting impacts into the lives of these uniquely gifted children of Uganda.