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Who are you?

Friend of The Nations (FoTN) is a local Not-for-Profit organizations that is transforming the lives of orphans and rural poor children in Northern Uganda by offering education, health services to vulnerable Northern Uganda orphans, children with disability, creating community development projects that benefit right targets.

Where does FOTN get financial from?

In order to have our operation successful, Friends of The Nations solely rely on donations and grants from individuals, companies, organizations and well-wishers from different countries.

How do we ensure that your sponsored child attends school regularly?

We work closely with individual schools for each child to monitor attendance and study progress reports of your sponsored child will be sent to you every after 4 months with Progressive reports indicating your child’s performance.

How long do i need to be a sponsor for the child?

The minimum period to be a sponsor is at least 1 year, this is to ensure that the child sponsored gets supported consistently and gets to finish one grade a year in school. However, one time donations towards child sponsorship are also welcome.

How many sponsors will my child have?

A child will be assigned to one donor/sponsor at a time, to make sure that as many children get to benefit from our program as possible.

How does your sponsor a child program differ from other charities?

Instead of your donations going to benefit the entire school, your child is the only beneficiary. Our child sponsorship program provides DIRECT benefits to your sponsored child.

How is my child sponsorship donation spent?

For every $1 you donate, $0.80 will directly benefit the child in terms of school fees, uniform, school bag, books and other school necessities plus food pack. The balance of $0.20 will be used to by the program and ensure its sustainably in the future.

How do I send the funds for sponsorship?

Friends of The Nations has opened a Bank account that allows you to transfer money from wherever you are in the world. We accept online donations. Please visit our online donations page here.

Do you accept only monetary donations?

No. We also do accept material donations inform of clothes, toys, school bags, etc.

Other than through donations, how can I support these vulnerable people?

You can also support by undertaking a safari through our partner company Uganda Gorilla Tours, participate in our Uganda volunteer program by using your knowledge, skills and experience to help the local community.

Alternatively, you can simply evangelize about our operation where you live.