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Health care / Medical Program

Uganda Disabled children helpedRight to health is a survival right to every human being because it concerns life. After a thorough engagement with the Northern Uganda local communities, especially those in the districts of Lira, Dokolo, Oyam & Kole, Friends of The Nations has learnt that the Uganda orphans & Vulnerable Children and their households are far from attaining health services circumstantially because of miserable poverty, low education levels and living in self-denial as a result of a full-of-struggle live they live.

Under Friends of The Nations’ Health Program, its sole aim is to address the most obvious primary health care challenges that Uganda orphans and vulnerable children routinely go through.

We provide medical, emotional and psychological support to grieving children in Northern Uganda (Currently, we only support grieving children in the districts of Lira, Dokolo, Oyam and Kole). In case, we are unable to offer the needed support by ourselves, we seek support from other organizations on behalf of the patient. We often do crowd funding for this purpose.

Some of the activities we do under Health program may include the following;

Free medical services for the orphans

FoTN offers free medical services four times every year to a selected locality. The services we offer here include; free immunization from Polio, Measles, free HIV test, counseling and advocacy. We often distribute free mosquito nets, gumboots, etc.

Health Information Dissemination

Friends of The Nations develop, print and distribute free health educational information on care guidance for use in capacity building and behavior change. We normally print brochures, posters, stickers that inform the public on diseases, expected dos and donts.

Feeding the hungry children:

Our feeding program helps the vulnerable children living in remote areas of Kwera, Owongodul, Ireda, etc to eradicate hunger and promote school enrollment and retention.

FoTN’s feeding program yearly records success stories of the critically malnourished children who turn out to be nourished children in only 30 days after enrollment to the feeding program.

VIP Latrines for primary schools

In an attempt to reduce or eliminate the rate of spread of diseases caused by poor sanitation, FoTN partners with local primary schools in the remote sub counties of Kwera, Okwongodul, Aloi to construct VIP latrines that can be used by the school pupils. Marvelous response is being recorded from this initiative.

Your generosity is to feed these poor children with love and saving lives.

Join our cause and let’s touch the lives of these vulnerable people.