Sponsor a Child in Uganda

Child sponsorship / Education program

FOTN through its Child Sponsorship /Education program supports Northern Uganda orphans & vulnerable children in their studies.

We partner with selected schools to offer both full and part sponsorship to most vulnerable children.

The goal of FoTN child Sponsorship Program is to equip Northern Uganda vulnerable children to step confidently into the future.

Sponsors can either make a one-time donation or a recurring annual donation. However, recurring donations are strongly encouraged because believe that you get to see the positive impact you have on a child over several months or even in years.

sponsor a child in UgandaYour contributions exclusively focus on the child’s upkeep & school fees. What your contributions cover may include the following;

  • Clothing – shoes, school uniforms and casual clothes.
  • Direct school fees payment to well performing partnering schools.
  • Education supplies – textbooks, calculators, notebooks, pencils and pens,
  • Study aid – Additional Educational workshops, youth programs, holiday schools.
  • Medical Care: in case a child gets sick, they can access good quality healthcare.

Sponsoring a child in Uganda is a wonderful way to help change the life of a child who is in need. It helps restore hope and create self-reliance for the future of the Ugandan orphaned or vulnerable child.

Our Uganda child sponsorship program gives you ultimate chance to provide a life changing opportunity for a child in need as well as build a relationship with them if you wish.

Child sponsorship in a primary school

In a day school: $450 or Euros 350 or £293 per year.

In a boarding school: $550 or Euros 430 or £360 per year

Child sponsorship in a Secondary school (We have only boarding partner schools)

Sponsorship costs $600 or Euros 470 or £390 per year.

Join our cause and let’s touch the lives of these vulnerable children together!