Support Disabled Children in Uganda

 Uganda Disabled children program – Support disabled children in Uganda

Support disabled kids in Uganda
Supporting disabled children in Uganda with FoTN

The sole aim of this program is to remove the negative perception on people with disabilities and improving the lives of disabled children in Uganda through advocacy, standing against involvements that promote physical, social, economic and attitudinal barriers that exclude them from effective participation as equal members of the society.

The program strongly fights the uneven representation of the people with disability in the community advocates for equal access to basic resources, such as education, employment, health care, social and legal support as well as having a higher rate of mortality.

The activities involved under FOTN’s Disability program include the following;

Advocacy and community sensitization:

FOTN creates an awareness-raising campaign to build an understanding and tolerant community integration of persons with disabilities to reduce ignorance of Special Needs Issues, Stigma and hostility by the Northern Uganda community. This is done through social media campaigns, text messages, and sensitization during community outreaches.

Visit to Schools of People with disability:

We visit community schools to educate pupils and teachers about the rights and potentials of children with disability. Supplementary area opinion leaders, local authorities, police and religious leaders are also sensitized about PWDs issues. We strongly encourage their fellows to accept them as normal people and also to look at them as people with great potentials.

Your involvement in to the lives of these needy children is very helpful.